In a large corpus, I got these results:

bare hands= 450 hits


naked hands = 7 hits

So, my question is is naked hands OK in English?

What's the difference between the two collocates?
The difference is that (almost) no one ever says "naked hands." It would be understood, but it sounds very strange. No logical reason -- it's just not the way we say it.
Bk:StrangersTouch it. // In a few hours, she could hold the brooch in her naked hands and know everything-use every drop of her intuitive sixth sense to absorb what her...
2 COCA:2008:FIC
Bk:StrangersTouch his lies. I thought I loved Brice, but he was using me-rather my naked hands-to scam money, then calling me a freak' to his friends....
3 COCA:2004:FIC
Analog Why did you do that? '' Dad asked Mother. She held up her naked hands. '' I changed my mind. '' Her ring was gone....
4 COCA:2004:FIC
FantasySciFi it resembling an explanation for what I did next. Which was to plunge my naked hands into the devouring shadow, fumbling to rescue anything from its grip...
5 COCA:2004:NEWS
Atlanta much back then, so it was nothing for Wages to embalm bodies with his naked hands. To this day, he doesn't like to wear gloves when he...
6 COCA:1996:FIC
Mov:EnglishPatient ROOM. NIGHT. Caravaggio stands in front of the bed, holding up his NAKED HANDS to the Patient, like a man surrendering - two flaps like gills where...
7 COCA:1993:ACAD
ArtBulletin the cap, disheveled hair and clothing, casual yet assertive bearing, and the naked hands of the shorter Bohemian....
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naked is used for parts that are supposed to be covered and bare for thoes that can be either covered or exposed.

for feet and hands bare is mostly used.

bare feet/bare hands/ bare arms and so forth
That's a good general rule, but it doesn't explain "germs cannot be seen with the naked eye."
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Very interesting.

Has anyone tried to check the corpus for the 7 examples of "naked hands"????
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