May I know why've I been barred from chatting?
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What was your user name there? What makes you think you were banned?
I did not register here, so I don't have a username. I appear as "Viewing" in the chat rooms. I can see others but they can't see me. I'm like invisible to them.
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I need you to answer some questions, Anon...

What happens when you try to write a message and then send it to the chat?

Can you describe in detail what was happening in the chat when you were chatting the last time?
Since when have you been "invisible"?
Well, it's hard to say. Sometimes the system just has a few glitches.

The best bet is to go to the chat page, www.thechatpage.com and chat from there. If people still can't see you, then try to register on that site (the two sites of separate registration), sign in and then see what happens. If you still don't appear, then send a PM to one of the admins, Ruslana or Francesca (on The Chat Page, not here) with as many details as you can provide.

I'm assuming you were not flooding the page, using rude language or hateful speech, or trying to have a sexual conversation before this happened.
Grammar GeekWell, it's hard to say. Sometimes the system just has a few glitches.
True, hehe. Emotion: smile
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Thank you for your reply. Okay, I'll describe in detail.

Nobody replies when I write something in the chat. For example, I type 'Hi' and hit Enter, then I wait for a reply but I do not get any reply. Then I try again but no luck. This has happened many times. They just keep on chatting with each other and I am left in the lurch. Poor me. Either the moderator is upset with me or the people over there.

Gonna be a month now.
Thank you for you reply. I tried that but still I'm not able to chat. Also tried registering but I didn't receive a confirmation email.

I don't know how to send a pm to the admins. Can you tell me?

I visit the chat rooms to have fun with my online friends and that's all.

And, I didn't do any of those things.
What kind of computer do you have?
I haven't had any problems recently.

Perhaps your email system put the confirmation email in the SPAM or JUNK mail box. Did you check there? Do you have address blocking on?
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