Is this 'based on' sound OK in the sentence?
People at the time completely rebuilt the temple, based on an old photograph./The temple was completely rebuilt, based on an old photograph.
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OK. So from the grammatical point of view, what does those 'based on' modify? The temple? 
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As I read it, the opinion that the temple was rebuilt was based on the photograph.

Using this old photograph as a guide to my opinion, I believe that they completely rebuilt the temple.

I suppose it could mean that the people used an old photograph as their guide to what the temple should look like as they rebuilt it.
So 'based on' can be used to modify the entire following sentence or in front?
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The phrase seems adverbial to me, modifying 'rebuilt / was rebuilt'.

I would call "based on" a dangler, here: it modifies a notion that is only implicit in the preceding clause.

MrPedanticI would call "based on" a dangler, here:

Is that dangling modification considered as natural, as 'speaking of X'  or 'considering X'? Or do you think it should be consiered as grammatically undesirable, or even wrong?
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