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I am stranded in a very primitive question as I named in the subject line, I would appreciate anyone helping me to the way out.

When a sentence begins with 'based on' in a subordinate clause, I'm not sure but I think the subject of the main clause does something 'based on' what is written in the subordinate clause when omitting the subject, as in a rule for avoiding making a dangling sentence saying that the subclause without the subject being specified has to have the same subject of the main clause. Is my understanding correct?
Meanwhile, as in a case of the main clause in passive tense, I think 'based on' should be replaced with something like 'on the basis of'... or there isn't any difference or just preference? Ultimately is the interpretation left to the common sense?

Using some examples (not quite a good one though):

1: Based on some reports, the drug A was approved by the national authority for OTC market sales.
2: Based on some reports, the national authority approved the drug A for OTC market sales.

For me (some English sense far from natives), it seems like the #1 is bit confusing (as appears in simple sentence it might be understandable here, though).

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On the basis of their findings, the national authority approved drug A for OTC market sales.
The national authority, on the basis of their findings, approved drug A for OTC market sales.
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Thanks for the reply. I didn't realise I forgot to check the box for message delivery upon somebody's filling in for my question.

I got a new knowledge apart from my original question, thanks.

My wordy question should be simplified for obtaining a straightforward answer but I am getting confused with even my question (not what I wrote but what I was going to question... this sounds like I wasted your time... sorry) This time, the sentence, that reminded me of entangled thought with more complicated sentence, is quite easy to interprete within a common knowledge but every now and then I would face to the same problem. I will come back with very best confusing sentence to put the final stroke on my lingering question.

Thanks so much for your troulbe for the try to understand my question, Casi.

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