He has a chain of gold.

He - Subject

has a chain of gold - predicate


He has a chain which is made of gold.

which - Subject

is made of gold - predicate

hence, which is made of gold - Clause

Kindly tell what is 'he has a chain' ..phrase?



He still lives in that house

still is adverb as it adds to the meaning of verb 'lives


The after effects of the drug are bad

what part of speech is 'after' Kindly explain.


It weighs about a pound

Isn't weighs is verb?

Explanation : it is adverb as it add meaning to the verb weigh..Kindly explain.

4) He kept the fast for a week

He - pronoun

kept - adjective

the - article

fast - Noun?

for - preposition

a - article

week- ?

Kindly tell if I am right?

5) He is on the committee

He- Pronoun

is- adjective?

on - preposition

the - article

committee - noun


Let us move on

Let - adjective?

us - Pronoun?

move - verb

on - adverb
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Did someone already give you some advice, or you trying to interpret the poster's "instructions"?

He has written several sentences (without periods). In some cases he simply asks a question about it. In other cases he has attempted to analyze the sentence in some way, and wonders if he's done it correctly.

You can push the quote button and make your remarks in the midst of his examples, or you can number your comments, or anything else you think is appropriate.

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What am I supposed to do again?
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