You can learn English by comparing your native language with the English sentences and idioms, I hope this will help you use some basic phrases in English, the website is: www.linguanaut.com have fun!
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Nice idea, Linguanaut. I hope you add more phrases.
I'm glad you liked the Idea Micawber! I will try to add more as soon as possible in both languages and the number of sentences. Take care!
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very nice thanks!
I added some more languages to the website, like english - slovak, and english- polish, english- swedish, I hope that would help some!
Now they're English => 25 languages thanks to others contribuition!
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very useful website, thanks!
my pleasure!
Very good idea, I think.

Note that Polish "do widzenia", which is the translation of English "good bye", is written separately. Funnily enough, a lot of Poles themselves are not aware of this.

You may also add that "na zdrowie" can be also used when proposing a toast. It simply means "cheers" or "all the best" in these contexts. Literally, it expresses a wish to retain a good health for everyone gathered and that this drink is to make that happen somehow. The phrase was used a couple of times in "The Deer Hunter" by the character played by Robert De Niro.
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