Most people I know use this expression to describe a piece of equipment that has been dismantled and is now a collection of parts (in a basket). Of course it is often used metaphorically to describe people who may be a 'sambo short of a picnic'.
Question; Does anyone have a different interpretation?

P.S. Hitch, can you conjure up a loonie emoticon?
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[Emotion: party] I like this one! As far as I know "basket case" has no other meanings..
Just as a matter of interest Hitch, are you into bikes?
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Well, I have come across this phrase being used on economy and other uses. Mike

( extremely poor performance in economy )

eg. Japan will have a hard time playing any significant future strategic role if its economy remains a basket case.

The other case is about ' jitters '

eg. We thought something awful must have happened to you, and your boyfriend is practically a basket case.
Would this imply he is depressed or would this mean he is feeling nervous about sth?
My dictionary gives a rather gruesome meaning:

"a person who has all four limbs amputated".

I'd be worn our after that one, too.
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What an image! I suppose that is a metaphor, isn't it?
Ryan, thats great! Is that what your dictionary says about basket case, or jitters?
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