" Rocky is friends with Vicky."

"Rocky will make friends with Vicky."

Are these sentences correct ?
Correct. Informal, as well.
I was wondering... Is the expresson to make friends from all over the world ok in Enlglish? I see it all the time here, it's the most common thing learners seem to say, but... If you google "make friends from", EnglishForward happens to be in the first page, which is weird, you know. Either EnglishForward is now among the best websites to make friends, or it is among the best sources of weird English. Thanks.
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I get the feeling that eliminating 'from' somehow indicates my having been at the various places. I don't know.Emotion: thinking
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Thanks. So I see it seems to be ok. For some reason, I thought it had to be make friends (with people) from all over the word and "with people" had to be included.