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what do you mean by " permeation"...maybe you mean "permission"

if so... i don't it ... i have my own control on myself ..

Remember ... "Don't let anybody control your mind "

and don't be so sad 'cuz you don't have a brain while i do ...

you'll have it one day ... at least i hope so .... hehehehehehe
Thank God I have brain. I will approve that for you. you are my friend. That's good reason I think.
by the way really you are crazy persona do you know why. you are walking while you are sleeping. Do you remember that day?

you are sick and crazy persona.
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what you talkin' about ?!

i guess you lost your mind << that one which you don't have ...

plz ... keep your mouth shut ... ok ...i'll show you when i get back to home ...
what you gann do?

I am so afraid from you
you will kill me
please don’t (6)(6)(6)
???? ????

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Cute girl

I hate you. Do you know why?

it's very simple. I found Cinderellah

when did you found cinderellah ...?

i found her first ... she is my friend not yours ...


ask her if you don't believe me ...
Hi!How are u

I am ramnath from india

can i make friend with u

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Be yourself! It is much better to be you than an imitation of someone else. We should accept that we are just human beings and forget trying to be perfect in the eyes of others. If there were no room for us who are not superstars, it would be a very empty world.