Just be your self. Just be who you are Don't listen to anyone just listen to your own inner voice. Don't change your personality because of people or family and friends. You should have your own personality. You should believe and trust in yourself. Don't betray people by pretending to be someone else. Don't think of yourself as an actor who isacting in a movie or a beautiful story. Live your life as you want. Don't let anyone control you. You are able to do what you want. Just believe in yourself and look inside you. You will see a pure and honest person.
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Hope you don't mind the few suggestions.


I don't mind, Thanks
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Hi Silentwar................Emotion: stick out tongue
But it's great post anyway
so great ... i love it ...

but ..mmmmmm ... what if something in your personality is wrong ?

shouldn't you just change it to be better ?!

i don't mean you should change your whole personality ..

but the things that are wrong or maybe stops you from being a better person ...

this is how i see it ...

anyway ... nice saying silentwar ...

Cute girl.

I agree with you.

First I didn’t say to you lose your brain. Everyone has great brain that God give him, so he/she knows what is good for him/his.

I know many friends they change their personality because they want to be famous.
As I said before you have your own mind so you can add to your personality anything to make it good or better.

You can add something but believe me you can’t change your whole personality. Never…..Never.

Honesty I tried but I couldn’t so for that I am telling you. I always go back to my originally personality.
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Hi cute girl

I am very sad. Do you know why? This forum wrote I am junior, they didn’t write I am member, because my English is not e, I mean it’s not good. Emotion: crying Emotion: crying

ooooh my God
Tell me what I should do.
Do you know every time I read this word junior, I feel desperation? I hate this word I don’t know why.

I think I should fight with this word until I win.

What do you think I will win?
hello ... what i was saying is that some people do have things to " change " also "add"

to thier personality and read again what i've said ...

i said " things that are wrong " not good and not to be famous but to be better person

why do you always get me wrong ?

and believe me ... i do have a " BRAIN" ... 'cuz i didn't try to change my personality ..

YOU DID ...Emotion: stick out tongue Emotion: stick out tongue Emotion: stick out tongue
hi, my cute girl

really you make me crazy. I mean that everyone has brain so if something wrong in his/her personality so he/she should change it.

by the way I give you permeation to change your personality.

oh my God

you said you have brain

Good for you my friend
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