in the first gulf war a commander whose name i can`t remember was called "desert bear" .what i wonder is what "bear" represents here.does it have a positive connotation.in our lungage,turkish,it has a negative connotation which is said to people who are very rude in their behaviours.instead, we call a person who has fine,good and courageous behaviours " lion" .thanks in advance
No, just a large dangerous animal, I think, Bulenteren.
thanks micawber for your care to answer my question but i am still in need of some more explanation if you don`t mind.furthermore i would be grateful if you could tell me names of the animals used in methaphoric expressions especially to define people.with my best regards..
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Hello Anon

A 'bear' also means an uncouth or rough-mannered person in English. It's a slightly old-fashioned usage now, though.

A 'lion' is a courageous person. It can also mean a 'celebrity'; though that usage is also less common now.

A 'chicken' is a faint-hearted person.

A 'headless chicken' is a person who is panicking.

A 'sheep' is a person who always follows other people's ideas.

A 'fox' is a wily person.

A 'dove' is a peace-loving person.

A 'hawk' is a war-mongering person.

A 'worm' is a contemptible person.

I expect other members will be able to think of some more.

There was King Richard I 'Lionheart' (Richard Coeur de Lion). Google for his history.
A few more:

A rat is a betrayer.

A pig is a greedy person and also a slang word for a cop.

A social butterfly is a person who seeks frivolous pleasure.

A night owl is a person who is active in the nighttime.
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A lark is an early riser.

Culture vulture - self-explanatory.

A goose is a foolish female.

A lamb is a mild person.

An old goat is an elderly lascivious person.

A chick is a young female.

A snake is a cunning, untrustworthy person.

A donkey or ass is a fool.