I was about to type "please bare with me" into an email, but as I was about to type "bare", I realized that I wasn't sure which [Bare/Bear] was the correct usage of the phrase.

Doing my own research into it, there are entire blogs dedicated to the history of the phrase, but each with only one particular spelling, not mentioning the other, and each offering possible origins based on the single spelling they chose.

Most of these seem strictly opinion, leading to my question; Is there an official answer to this, as in a source to reference it against?

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Anonymous WOW! I know this is old but, If you are going to insult someone's intelligence, you should know that "Spelt" is not a word in the context in which you are using it. That would be "..which is SPELLED.." Have a nice day!
This is from Cambridge online dictionary
(I or T) (spelled or UK AND Australian ENGLISH ALSO spelt, spelled or UK AND Australian ENGLISH ALSO spelt) to form a word or words with the letters in the correct order
and this is from Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
verb (spelt, spelt /spelt/ or spelled, spelled)
Huevos is British and "spelt" is an English word (albeit not used where you come from).

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'Spelt' is also OK in Canadian English.

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in reality "Spelt" is a flour used as an alternative to wheat based flour.

I'm sorry... For what ever I could not resist... Emotion: mooning

But thank you for the help, all the answers were very educational.
"Please bear with me" is the right sentence. Bear means: to tolerate, or have patience.

bare means naked.


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I found myself in the same situation, at a pause on how to write the plea, "bare with me!" Heck, I still don't know if I have it right.
as the 2 messages at the top, bare is naked. what i always try to remember is the question: "Is the pain bearable?"
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