I was about to type "please bare with me" into an email, but as I was about to type "bare", I realized that I wasn't sure which [Bare/Bear] was the correct usage of the phrase.

Doing my own research into it, there are entire blogs dedicated to the history of the phrase, but each with only one particular spelling, not mentioning the other, and each offering possible origins based on the single spelling they chose.

Most of these seem strictly opinion, leading to my question; Is there an official answer to this, as in a source to reference it against?

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In 'bare naked', the 'bare' adds emphasis.

I did not realize that naked was in need of any emphasis. Emotion: stick out tongue
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I googled the expression for the same reason and this was probaly the second link I looked at! Yiou have answered my question. I always thought the term bear was to describe the animal. THANKS!
I thought I would throw my 2 cents into this conversation, so

I was always told it is "bare with me", as a "bear is an animal"

I have had people tell me before it is "bear with me", and even corrected someone once.

Whilst I can read the logic here and see that "bare" is similar to "bare naked", and to "bare ones soul" means to expose you inner most self and so on, in this context I think it is not the same meaning.

They are people here saying this term would mean to ask someone to get naked with you, however the term "bare it in mind" does not mean keep a naked thought in mind, merely to hold onto that thought.

So as far as I was always taught and know the meaning of "bare with me" is the same, and not asking someone to get naked but just to hold on.

I was always told that the use of "Bear" in this respect was more of an american way of saying this phrase, which may shed some light as well as to why there are so many different interpretations of this phrase.

I believe that there is some group of people who are trying to promote "bear with me" and using the interpretation of "bare" as "bare naked" as the correct version using the same logic as the reason, however as far as I have always been told this is wrong, and for this word there are two different meanings.
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If you really new any English, you would know that this language has thousands of words that have several meanings to them. Bear is an animal YES. Here are the OTHER meanings to this word as a verb... Bear • verb (past bore; past part. borne) 5 manage to tolerate; endure: I can’t bear it. 6 (cannot bear) strongly dislike. 7 give birth to (a child). 8 (of a tree or plant) produce (fruit or flowers). 9 turn and proceed in a specified direction: bear left.
Wrong. Bear is an animal, yes, but it is the correct word for "bearing children" or "Bear with me."

Bare means naked. "Bare with me" would mean "Get naked with me"
Hello, to "bare" also means "to bring forth" as in "baring children". that does NOT mean "unclothing". Also, you will find in the bible, "thou shalt not 'bare' false witness" or "bring forth" false witness against thy neighbor. Which is one of the "big ten" Emotion: smile I hope this helps.
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Have you actually read this thread?

Have you actually checked a dictionary?

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