Hi! i'm from Poland. My name is wojtek.. please write something about cars...:] What do you thing abut Chewrolet??? What's your favourite car???
Hi Wojtek,

I like cars too, but I prefer bikes. The power to weight ratio is much better, even if they can't corner as quickly as cars.

Big Chevy V8 engines are GREAT! So are Chrysler MOPAR V8s with their 'hemi' heads!
There is nothing quite like the sound of a V8! I LOVE IT !!! The only thing that is better than the sound of a V8 is a the sound of a V8 with a SUPERCHARGER whine!!!!!
where are you live in village, town, city???? J live i villaga here are many small moutains..Emotion: big smile
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I'm in a small rural city of about 120,000 people.
There are many mountains here too. Actually this city is surrounded by mountains.
By the way, I am sorry to hear your fellow countryman, the Pope, died. I am not Catholic, but he did some great things.
thanks.....i love Jana pawla II( pope john paul II) i feel he was my dad and he was father alle people on all world i'm sad:(
Yeah, very sad. He was a great man, and has gone to a far better place.
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For me I prefer riding a hours (h)
I think you mean a horse.
Hi Jazz,
Does your horse have a motor? Is it an 'iron horse'?
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