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Great! I didn't see any of you though!
I have a hobby of collecting beautiful pictures but I don't like standing in front of a camera!!!!
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me too. what else do you collect?
coins, i have good collection of indian historic and forgien coins ,and you may start laughing if i say pebbles from the rivers! but they are in all colours and shapes... some are heart shaped believe it or not! and dried flowers i am a nature lover you know!and my subject books
Gosh, You wouldn't believe it but I have seen an excellent collection of different aspects of nature today. Unfortunately, I cannot find the site anymore.
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thats ok maj ! more beautiful can be found in rabindranath tagore's poems , some are in the poetry forum , and i will send more!
"So, what is the most beautiful thing that somebody has ever told you or you have told someone?"

I understand you.
I understand you!
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HAHA. Good one Deepa Emotion: smile
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