I am interested in finding out sentences that you find beautiful either because you like the meaning or the words. So, what is the most beautiful thing that somebody has ever told you or you have told someone?
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Well people always say that I'm a very jolly person and kind hearted too!
The little Swallow was in love with most beautiful Reed. He had met her early in the spring as he was flying down the river after a big yellow moth…

Here Swallow is translated as ‘?????’.
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What a nice sounding metaphore! However, what's a reed?
Um ... beautiful words ... let me think ... ... I've got it!
Woody, you are always so romantic!
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How 'bout this...

Her power to charm was extraordinary; for though no one could have called her a beauty(seeing that the one good feature of her face lay in her eyes-and even then it was not the small, grey eyes themselves which attracted, but the glance which they emitted)...
Wow, that sounds quite extraordinary. You mean they were kind of deep as if one wanted to dive into the pacificblue and drown there.
Ha ha so how were the pics?
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