It was a steamy hot noon and I was slow broiling in the car. To keep me occupied I kept clicking away at anything that caught my fancy. I was an intersection when I noticed this otherwise generic hovel. But it wasn't. Whoever lived in it was an artist and his/her collection of colorful improvised plantvases was eloquent testimony. I was delighted but doubted whether there were enough seconds left before the light turned green. Worse, I was in the middle of the road and there was a van next to me. I expected the clod to block the view at any moment. I went through the motions but didn't have much hope. The van DIDN'T MOVE! I clicked and looked at the driver of that van. He was leaning down with raised eyebrows asking silently if I was done. I flashed him a thumbs up. First beauty and then kindness. My day was made.
There's supposed to be a photo attached to this. It's been sent. Guess we'll have to wait.