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I'll have you say that on your last working day, YoHf. I'm sure you'll be saying the opposite. Even if you hate your school, some part of you is going to hate quitting. Trust me.

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Well. I have already experienced that of course. Indeed you are right, but I didn't say I want to leave school, where school stands for the friends of mine and the daily routine, I said that I can't stand teachers anymore. Emotion: stick out tongue

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True. I can't stand the intra-staff, intra-student and staff-student politics either. Makes me so sick I never want to return to this school again.

Unless the principal and vice get sacked, of course. They're like Umbridges, both of them! :Emotion: super angry

You know, on our last working day, we were cheering loudly for everything we could think of. I yelled out, "Three cheers for our school lives!" and everyone missed the "lives" at the end. They replied, "BOOOO !!!!!".

But as soon as I explained that I didn't want them to cheer for the school but our school lives, the noise was loud enough to bring the roof crashing down!

Miss my school life, I will.

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Yeah man,

It's quite obvious to the person who are true in mind and heart..

What's obvious, PF?

BTW you call Ville_maddengurl VMG, which reminds me of an old nickname I once had. It was VNG. I didn't find out what it stood for until four years after the guys in my class stopped using it.

I used to think it was "very naughty girl". Turns out, it was Volcanic naughty girl! I had a good laugh over that when I was finally told! Emotion: stick out tongue
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TearsofjoyIt was VNG.

Very naughty gorilla. [H]

YoHfVery naughty gorilla. [H]


Are you looking in the mirror YoHf? Emotion: big smile

That was really interesting, thanks PF. I've started to grow a passion for yoga, though it's not a long time since I've started doing it (about 6 months). So I'm interested in anything about yoga and its benefits. Please continue introducing other postures, and if it is possible, with their names. We can open another thread to only discuss yoga if you want.

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