It has been reported on the Spanish news that the people studying Spanish in England has doubled due to the fact that Beckham has moved to Spain. There is more interest in learning Spanish than ever before, even more than learning French and German. Not only does he sells t-shirts but languages, as well. Can you comment on this, I'd like to hear your views.
It also seems that in Germany, Spanish is more and more preferred to be learnt as a foreign language after English than usual Latin or French.

Usually in "Gymnasium" (maybe equal to High School, or Grammar School?) you had to choose between either Latin or French, but now most schools also offer Spanish in addition.

In the "Realschule" (maybe equal to Middle School"?) they offer French as a 2nd foreign language but you don't have to choose it if you don't want it. I think they will offer Spanish as well soon.

I'd say Spanish is also easier to learn for a German than French, esp. because of pronunciation.
I have German friends who learnt Spanish in Germany and when they came to Spain spoke Spanish considerably well. Thanks for the info.
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
are you saying there is a relation between the two?
he can just about manage his own language................