Hello all. I'm thinking it would be a wonderful thing, being a TESL teacher. But I'm not sure about how to go about learning more about it. I'm hoping this thread will help me and others interested in getting started to find the info we need to do so. I live in America, but I'm sure there has to be some kind of internationally recognized certificate.

Can you guys provide us with links to sites of schools where you can earn TESL certificats and things like that?

Thanks a BUNCH in advance!
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Start with these sites, hoagide. They list course providers worldwide:

TESall.com's [url="http://www.tesall.com/catalog.html "]Course Catalog[/url]
TEFL.com's [url="http://www.whichcourse.com "]Which Course?[/url]

I would also recommend vising the Teacher Training Forum of Dave's ESL Cafe. There are most certainly "internationally recognized certificates," but there is no international accrediting body.

Research is the key. Decide where you want to teach, start reading job ads for that region/country and contacting schools there about their preferences/requirements. A certificate is only as well-recognized as the response you get from the schools you want to teach at.

Good luck!
Thanks for the post, tesolguy! Do you know if there are a lot of opportunities for TESL in America? I haven't really talked to my wife about it yet, and I'm thinking she won't be too keen on the idea of having to pick up and move immediately for us to make any money of my certificate if I get one. Emotion: sad
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I suppose it depends where you are and who you want to teach. There are likely jobs teaching immigrants in most US cities whereas teaching positions involving study abroad students and the like would be reserved for the bigger name places like Seattle, New York, etc. Regardless, I would guess the job market is on the whole pretty tight. Maybe an American can jump in with some first-hand knowledge? In Canada TESL jobs aren't easy to come by, at least ones that pay half-decently and/or provide some job security. Part-time jobs on an hourly wage in private language schools in places like Vancouver and Toronto are often the best seasoned overseas teachers with good credentials can do.
Hi! haoqide.
I come China, so i cannot help about the certificates in your country.
But i am going to be a teacher after grauduation next year.
So i hope we can change opinions with eacher.
Chinese is my mother tongue.
Now i am taking a course on Bible.
Thanks for the input, TESOLguy! Actually I was just looking at the website of a TESL school here locally yesterday, and I found out that a friend of mine (more like an acquaintance that I get along with really well) works there as an instructor! So I'll be abel to get info tailored to the market where I live directly from him! WOOHOO!

Tracy, nice to meet you! What is your Bible class about? I'd like to hear more about it! Do you have MSN or Yahoo IM?
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I mean no offense to anyone here but the CELTA is much more respected and recognized by countries needing ESL teachers. I've already got a TESOL but I'm planning to take the CELTA soon. Check out the link for CELTA locations.

How respected is the CELTA certification in the United States, out of curiosity?
I'm sure a numbered Cambridge certificate would be well respected anywhere in the ESL world.
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