Do you know if there are etymological diccionaries that go beyong the Greek origins of the words?

I came to know that the Greek word "sophia", that is part of some words like 'philosophia', comes from the Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) Sofik, the so-called goddess of wisdom.
Dicctionaries should include those origins too. If you know some links or books, please!

Also, I would like to find a dictionary that informs always if the word is formal, informal, in common use, rare, etc. For instance, I used recently 'dubbed', speaking about nicknames, but I don't know how it sounds.
I understand the present use varies in different ways, country, times or situations, but do you know a dictionary with an approximate info?
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I have a thin American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots (Houghton Mifflin) that I use sometimes, Elena-- but the entries are mostly hypothetical, I am sure.
I would like to find a dictionary that informs always if the word is formal, informal, in common use, rare, etc.

I'm not sure if such a dictionary has ever been published. But there are lots of style guides that give great tips and will certainly improve your writing. These guides work like dictionaries: just look up the word and read the reference to its usage.

Here are some links on Amazon:

[url="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0723010455/qid=1109111372/sr=1-31/ref=sr_1_31/104-5... "]The Times Style and Usage Guide[/url]

[url="http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0767910427/qid=1109111436/sr=1-9/ref=sr_1_9/104-578... "]Bill Bryson's Troublesome Words[/url]
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Thank you, Mr M.
Then, if they are not verifiable, any suggestion to be able to know the oldest origins?

Thank you Matthewg, it will be very useful.
I am not an etymologist, Elena (although I am a pretty fair entomologist); but I know that there is no archeological record of Indo-European-- IE roots are merely extapolated back into prehistory by perspicacious etymologists. Any origins that go back to before written records will be unobtainable, I suppose-- although they can be guessed at.

It may not be worth the effort to pursue a Causeless Cause; I would think it more pleasurable to enjoy the stages of the journey.
To enjoy the stages of the research or to enjoy the proved stages of the word?

Have you guessed the reason of the research?
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Just the stages of the word's evolution that can be discovered. No, I have no idea what you are working on. Is it legal?
Legal...Some people would find it illegal.
It is about racism.
Wild guess: Egyptian influence on Greek philosophy and mathematics?

(This is almost as good as your 'A and B' game, Elena!)

Edit: or 'whether the Greeks were N. African in origin'? I remember some interesting discussions about this some years ago.
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