I decied to start a career in English and heard about the CELTA after doing alot of research I decided it would be a great chance for me.
I took the CELTA in Vienna, Austria . I was very excited and in the beginning it was alot of work. But right away I and ALL my colleagues noticed many things that were not fair.
A couple of our colleagues who didnt take the course seriously, would come in late or wouldnt come in at all (two weeks absent). One of the colleagues I would see on more than one occassion writing his lesson plan minutes before the class, while I stayed up late into the night preparing mine.Yes his lesson was horrible and during our input session we would get the same grade "a pass". Which would infuriate me. But I knew better to say anything. Then I might get a lower grade under "getting along with other teachers".

So I would just sit, smile and take it. There were a few times he would actually come in smelling like beer. I worked hard and thought my hard work would pay off in the end. I watched during the four months as my beer drinking colleague sailed through the course without a care and thought he would surely fail.

Finally came the day, for our reports which we received in the mail one week after our course was done. I eagerly opened it. What was written: PASS
PASS!! I couldnt believe it!! Under the comment section they (our Tutors) didnt even write anything personal it was a standard template issued with a Pass grade something along the lines of: bla bla will need furthur guidance to become a succesful teacher.
Which lets face it once you start teaching in the classroom you are on your own.

I spoke with my colleagues including my beer drinking one and found out that only one of us received a PASS B. No one received a PASS A. During our observations I wouldnt even give my tutors a PASS A. But anyway the point is that the grading system is a very strict, unfair whatever word you want to use. I am very upset that I would be put into the same grade category as my beer drinking teaching friend who also somehow managed to pass!!
I worked really hard!! Juggling family, work, and traveling to this CELTA center (three hours) for four months.
Luckily I can get over it. But I have to add that many of my colleagues are very discouraged and many arent pursuing English positions as they should be.
So let this be a warning to all who are considering in taking the CELTA course. I was told in the END that only about 5% of people receive a PASS B, and 5% Fail. The way the fail is by being absent, I dont know how many times they have to be absent since one of our colleagues missed about two weeks.

NEVERTHELESS...I have to say I learned wonderful teaching methods!! I met wonderful people! At this point I cant stay I regret taking the course, but I wish someone would have told me in the beginning.

Maybe I could have saved myself some heartache.

Let me know what you think.

A disappointed CELTA Graduate

The good thing is you do learn great teaching methods from CELTA. ALso alot of teaching institutes only want CELTA teachers.

So good luck to you.
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Having casually analyzed the syntax and grammar in your post, I suspect that your skill set doesn't (yet) command "Pass B" distinction.
Hi there,

I started the CELTA course two weeks ago. I'm working and studying at the same time and as you already know, it takes a lot of time to get all the assigments ready for the course.

I'm studying at LILA in Liverpool. The company I'm learning with is brilliant and very proffesional. I feel bad that you have had such a bad experience and wanted to know:

Does the pass grade have needs more assistance teaching written on it?

Have you used the CELTA certificate to teach?

Kind Regards,

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I did the CELTA myself and got a Pass. Only later did I find out about a secret weaopn I could have used - defnitely buy the online book on celtamadeeasy.com. It's only about $45 so, compared to the enitre cost of the course (anywhere between $2000-$3000 depending on the centre) this is nothing. The book basically gives you the secrets for getting a Pass B or Pass A. Well worth it! (I bought it after the course anyway as a reference guide for my teaching! I use it all the time because I'm still a novice!)
Definitely look at celtamadeeasy.com if you're hoping for more than a pass...
Hello to all!

I am currently researching CELTA and I am wondering if there is one centre that is known to be better than the others? Where do you guys recommend taking the course? I have heard that the center in Londen is great, but I dont really have anything concrete to back that up. Thanks

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congratulations on your grade. well done. i too will be starting the CELTA course very soon and wondered if you could be kind enough to send me your assignments to read through so that i have an idea of what will taught and what is expected from us. thank you. niz

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ILA in Ho Chi Minh City is brilliant! The tutors are exceptional!
Hi Isji

Could you provide more details on ILA Ho Chi Minh City. What is their Website? Am interested to do CELTA with them.

me from SE Asia
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I too, took my CELTA in Ho Chi Minh City, VN. and agree. This, course was an intensive, everyday 1 month course, and much was expected. I guess when you travel half way around the world and work the course everyday like a job. You take it seriously. I had heard about the longer several month courses that meet once or twice a week and was worried about cramming it all into 1 month. I guess in the long run, I made the right choice. Everyone in the class treated it like a job.
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