I decied to start a career in English and heard about the CELTA after doing alot of research I decided it would be a great chance for me.
I took the CELTA in Vienna, Austria . I was very excited and in the beginning it was alot of work. But right away I and ALL my colleagues noticed many things that were not fair.
A couple of our colleagues who didnt take the course seriously, would come in late or wouldnt come in at all (two weeks absent). One of the colleagues I would see on more than one occassion writing his lesson plan minutes before the class, while I stayed up late into the night preparing mine.Yes his lesson was horrible and during our input session we would get the same grade "a pass". Which would infuriate me. But I knew better to say anything. Then I might get a lower grade under "getting along with other teachers".

So I would just sit, smile and take it. There were a few times he would actually come in smelling like beer. I worked hard and thought my hard work would pay off in the end. I watched during the four months as my beer drinking colleague sailed through the course without a care and thought he would surely fail.

Finally came the day, for our reports which we received in the mail one week after our course was done. I eagerly opened it. What was written: PASS
PASS!! I couldnt believe it!! Under the comment section they (our Tutors) didnt even write anything personal it was a standard template issued with a Pass grade something along the lines of: bla bla will need furthur guidance to become a succesful teacher.
Which lets face it once you start teaching in the classroom you are on your own.

I spoke with my colleagues including my beer drinking one and found out that only one of us received a PASS B. No one received a PASS A. During our observations I wouldnt even give my tutors a PASS A. But anyway the point is that the grading system is a very strict, unfair whatever word you want to use. I am very upset that I would be put into the same grade category as my beer drinking teaching friend who also somehow managed to pass!!
I worked really hard!! Juggling family, work, and traveling to this CELTA center (three hours) for four months.
Luckily I can get over it. But I have to add that many of my colleagues are very discouraged and many arent pursuing English positions as they should be.
So let this be a warning to all who are considering in taking the CELTA course. I was told in the END that only about 5% of people receive a PASS B, and 5% Fail. The way the fail is by being absent, I dont know how many times they have to be absent since one of our colleagues missed about two weeks.

NEVERTHELESS...I have to say I learned wonderful teaching methods!! I met wonderful people! At this point I cant stay I regret taking the course, but I wish someone would have told me in the beginning.

Maybe I could have saved myself some heartache.

Let me know what you think.

A disappointed CELTA Graduate

The good thing is you do learn great teaching methods from CELTA. ALso alot of teaching institutes only want CELTA teachers.

So good luck to you.
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Sorry to read that. I didn't have teaching experience either, but our tutors were supportive and we, the trainees co-operated with each other to the extent that it was allowed. I also chose the part-time course (once a week), which means that I needed 4 months to complete it, but I did have enough time to prepare; in addition, I did it in another country. Maybe it depends on the center? In any case, I would not recommend taking the full-time course to someone without any teaching experience.

Did you talk about your concerns to the external assessor, when he came? Did you and the other trainees who were affected refer the issue to Cambridge? That's what you should do. The CELTA course is prestigious for a reason and of course the University of Cambridge would not risk its prestige for the sake of a tutor who is unprofessional. There is also a reason why they do not send the same assessors in the same centers; the assessors and the tutors do not know each other.

You also wrοte about your "tutor". Weren't they two?

Hi everyone,

I read all these comments about the CELTA course. I thought about doing the course but I don't think I will. I already had some doubts about it before reading it all. I wanted to attend this course because I wanted to teach English to children in Malta during summer period. I checked the requirements for it.

You will need to get a teaching permit to teach in Malta. The requirements for this are:

– A recognised TEFL certificate (minimum 60 hour course) or CELTA.

A-level qualifications (or equivalent) including A-level English (If you don’t have A-level English, a TELT or CELTA will be required).

And one has to know that TEFL certificates have to be taken in Malta, any other one is not recognised (excepted from CELTA or certTESOL .

I studied 3 years to become a teacher (bachelor degree) + 2years at uni but still they seem to consider CELTA which is 4weeks long as THE ultimate qualification. I think it is quite unfair. I taught +- 10 weeks as a trainee for my bachelor's degree and I have been teaching for more than 5 years as a primary school teacher. So I am not really into getting a CELTA only for working at summer schools in order to get 11/12 euros (with TEFL certificate it is around 10). Moreover, I am especially qualified to teach children, CELTA's trainees are not.

I also know my English is not perfect because I am C1 and a non-native speaker but the highest level children can get at summer English schools is B1 or maybe B1+ (my teacher told me about that).

I think everyone can understand why I don't really want to take CELTA, which seems to be really hard and being judged by teachers (while I have been teaching for more than 5 years). Morevoer, I don't even know if I could teach adults properly because I never did it and I would be judged on that in order to get this summer job. It is worth it ?

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Reading some of your bitter, delusional, angry and above all SALTY comments are hilarious!

I just had to reply!

For a lot of people, The CELTA is the first experience of teaching trainees will ever do. Period.

I completed my CELTA last month but first, here is some background information on me.

- 4.5 years of teaching English in Hong Kong.

- 2.5 years teaching in an English centre teaching all local exams, Cambridge, Trinity etc from kids to adults.

- 2 years as a primary school teacher teaching KS1 and KS2.

Prior to teaching I attainted an online 150 hour TEFL course (useless qualification) and then I got a PGCE whilst in my primary school (a 1-year intensive course) I then found out I had to do a CELTA in addition to already being an internationally qualified teacher.

The CELTA was a totally separate challenge and a still a challenge at that - even for me. However, it was obvious that my qualifications and experience made me a higher calibre candidate. I worked extremely hard but I understood concepts much quicker than others (as you'd expect). Despite working extremely hard, I didn't need to work as hard as others on lessons because I already knew how to plan the mechanics of a lesson!

Guess what? I was the only one on the course to get a B pass. Don't be salty that some beer drinker got a higher grade than you. Think! What was his experience prior to the CELTA? Maybe he was much more experienced and/or he understood concepts far more than you did (and at a quicker pace). Don't be salty because you got a PASS. A pass is a pass! Some people - I'm sorry to say this, have more experience than you and qualifications and are frankly, smarter! Which means they don't need to put in as much effort as you. Just because you gave it your very best and they didn't, doesn't mean you deserve a higher grade and they don't! What a load of rubbish!

I read some pretentious twit saying he thought he could rock up to a country with no qualifications and teach without so much as a TEFL. Good luck with that you utter moron and clown, nowadays you need a degree and a valid TEFL to get visas. What a pleb! The rubbish he wrote about the receptionist not allowing him to talk to a trainer - keep reprobates away from courses like this I say! If i were the receptionist, I'd have flagged him up and told the trainers not to permit him onto the course! Entitled know-it all fool.

My advice - if you want to teach abroad and have only a degree and no teaching experience or qualifications. DO THE CELTA. It's tough, it's trying and it's a great accomplishment - this coming from someone who has a PGCE. It is also the most internationally recognised TEFL, so its a fabulous starting point and will help you a lot in your ESL teaching career. Think about it - I needed one even after graduating with a TEFL and PGCE. There are lots of crap TEFL courses out there, this isn't one of them. If you're serious, then go for it. Oh and don't moan about passing or compare yourselves to others. It all comes down to YOU.

Rant over! (Drops mic)