I was taught in scool that this is a no-no. Yet I see it quite often. Which is correct?
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English is a funny language; the rules are not always followed!

You are not meant to start a sentence with 'And' unless you are a well known writer and have the 'license' to do it!
I was once told by my English teacher that it is okay to use it as long it does not result into a fragment. However, IMO, writers should not use "and" to start a sentence because of two reasons: Starting a sentence with an "and" shows a less smooth transition between sentences; Using "and" after a sentence pause does not read good, and it interrupts flow.

My reasons are the best of its kinds, but I think they are good enough reasons.
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Yep, Jacko good reasons! - MEGA authors occasionally break these rules to prove they can, but for the rest of us..
I wanted to correct my post above Hitch. I meant "[...] not the best of its kinds, but they are good enough reasons."

Hehe, I sound conceited there, didn't I?
Lol - yeah, i figured that was a typoEmotion: smile
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It is an absolute no to start a sentence with an and
Absolutely not, Anon! It's often done, but always done inappropriately by learners.
And so say all of us!
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