My TOIEC book says that it is wrong to start a sentence with "There".

Is this true? Thank you.
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What do you mean? It's wrong to say 'there's a book on my table'? I don't think so...
You can certainly start a sentence with 'there'.
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Depends on how concise you want to be. Wordiness is a common characteristic of "amateur" writing.


Less concise: There is a Pizza Hut in Jefferson City that attracts all the teenagers in town on Saturday nights.

More concise: The local Pizza Hut attracts all the town's teenagers on Saturday nights.
GuestMy TOIEC book says that it is wrong to start a sentence with "There".

Is this true?
That is ridiculous, Anon. There (the adverb-- There's a cat over there ) and there (the existential pronoun--There's a cat over there ) are two different critters.
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Thank you for the link. My English99 teacher wrote a mark "weak" on my sentence starts with 'there'
"There" is a false subject and no, the word should not begin a sentence. Instead of saying, "There is a book on the table," as the cited example above does, write "A book is on the table." Don't make your sentences a word sandwich - get straight to the point. Your teacher is correct.
But note that this is a matter of style, not of grammar.

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