Hi! everyone.Could you tell me what this phrase mean "Behave yourself with dignity"?
I know the words behave,comport conduct as,behave towards your child politely, or conduct towards your parents nice.
However I can't apprehend,how can we behave ourselves with dignity or any other adjective?
I also see this written statement without "with" as-:Behave yourself well. and Bear your self well.
Do the above two phrases regarding behave and bear give same meaning as when we use "with" before dignity or some other adjective? and also please help me understand these two using "with" and without "with".
"Behave yourself with dignity"
Where did you read this sentence?
To behave, comport, to bear, to act, to move.
Behave yourself well. Stay out of trouble. Have good manners. Bear yourself well. Comport yourself with dignity. Behave yourself with dignity.
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Hi! Terry I read it here,where it is written in the comports definition as-
To conduct or behave (oneself) in a particular manner: Comport yourself with dignity
You can see it yourself in this LINK
Yes 'comport yourself with dignity'
...but not 'behave yourself with dignity'!

One can 'behave in a particular manner' as in, 'to behave affectionately towards'; 'he behaved like a gentleman'.

...but 'behave yourself...' means 'to conduct oneself in accordance with the accepted norms of a society or group - or how your mother has told you to behave when company is over for afternoon tea! Emotion: angel
Hi! Terry thanks for a detailed reply however can you look at the Audrays reply,as he said "Behave yourself with dignity".
And Is "Behave yourself with dignity" and behave yourself well equal in meaning? I mean Does "with" in the first sentence affect the meaning?
Is this sentence possible"Comport yourself with dignity before the guests"?
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I think that Audray should comment on that.
Behave / comport yourself with dignity - are both used, I believe.
You can use also: Conduct oneself wth dignity / well / badly.

For example: Do you know how to conduct yourself on a job interview?

I think you can use the same the others: behave, comport etc...

It is different though when you say: Behave yourself!!
( stay out of trouble, you shouldn't do that, don't do that, behave the right way, in a proper manner ... )