Can you please help me find a better word in the context?

Behind that multilayered performance, embedded in the show rightfully called a supreme theatrical spectacle, were nights spent in tents...

The author wants to say that the theatre company performed excellently but behind the show, or off stage they actually had to sleep in tents, i e their life while rehearsing was rather adventurous.

I'm not sure whether the word behind is OK.

Thank you
Hi Antonia,

'Behind' here can have the sense of 'off-stage', but also could mean 'before the show started'.

When I read your further explanation, it still wasn't clear to me which you meant (you speak both of 'off-stage', which I take to mean during the performances, and 'while rehearsing', which to me means before the performances begin, ie before the show's first night performance.)

So, which do you mean? Or is it both?

Best wishes, Clive
Possibly, the phrase 'behind-the-scenes'--

Behind-the-scenes of that performance...were nights spent in tents.
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Hi Clive and Davkett,

Thank you for your time and effort.

It is not clear from the text whether the author means before the premiere or usually offstage, because their theathre company spends whole summer on an island where they stage several shows, so technically they sleep in tents all the time. But I think he wants to say -behind-the-scenes of that performance, and I think it fits nicely.
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