I'm courious, what's the modern and correct pronunciation for the preposition "behind":

/bɪˈhaɪnd/ or /bah'haind/?

Although I understand the word is pronounced the first way, many people also from USA, British islands and Australia pronounce the second way. (even upperclass and educated people) Which one should I adopt?

I do really appreciate your comments about this issue.



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wordevollWhich one should I adopt?
/bɪˈhaɪnd/ I've never even heard the other pronunciation you cited.

Perhaps I didn't transcribe the second pronunciation properly, hope this is much more accurate:


tell me about it.
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Oh, i can see what you are talking about! It has always interested me too. It does hear that sometimes they pronounce [ e ] or even [ a ] instead of [ i ] in this word. As for me, i've heard it only in British accents. So it is generally the matter of your accent. But the dictionaries say [bi'haind], so this is the standart english.
sorry for smileys.... i meant, they pronounce /e/ or even /a/ instead of /i/...)))
Ksushasorry for smileys.. i meant, they pronounce /e/ or even /a/ instead of /i/...)))
I've edited the post for you, so there are not smileys any longer. Emotion: smile
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Anonymousmuch more accurate:
tell me about it.
I suppose you could say it that way as well, but the usual pronunciation among people I usually speak with is the other one mentioned above.

The exact pronunciation of the vowel in an unstressed syllable in English is not usually extremely important. You'll hear many variants if you talk to a lot of different people.

Oh. I only heard behind in classic pronunciation, living in Canada, but since I move to New York I only hear bahind around me lol. They say buhind on TV there. So funny! They also say not Before, but Bufore same way they say bahind.

hi there its very simple

you can use both pronunciations

bee'haaind used in the uk


bah'haaind uesd in usa simple


i'm udgzwalle ahmed

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