Lana: Do me a favor and don't tell Clark, okay?
You know how he is. He'll think
that the work's too dangerous and he's gonna try
and talk me out of it.

Chloe: Lana, l've interviewed enough people to
know when someone's bending the truth. Hiding sth?
And as much as l love what you're doing l'm sensing a right angle Bended truth as in a lie?
in here somewhere.

Lana: That right angle is your imagination.
Please, Chloe, don't tell Clark anything.

Chloe: This conversation is officially off the record. Has never taken place?

Lana: Thank you.
Bending the truth means more not to tell the whole truth than to actually lie. You might leave out a crucial detail, or otherwise spin the story. And yes, "right angle" is an example of the playful language the writers of this show love, as pointed out by another poster (sorry, can't recall who. "Bend the truth" is a very common expression, but the specific measurement of the angle is never mentioned Emotion: smile

"Off the record" is a journalism term. During an interview, if you tell the journalist "this is off the record" it supposedly means that they can't quote what you've said. It turns the conversation from an interview into a private conversation.
And that's all I can say until we have more evidence.
So, Mr. Smith may be innocent?
Can I speak off the record?
Absolutely. [turns off tape recorder]

He's guilty as sin. But I don't know if we'll ever be able to prove it.
Thanks, D! The other poster which you refered to is RayH.Emotion: smile