I wonder how you should pronounce the word 'Beowulf' ,the famous English epic.

Thank you .Emotion: smile

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Oh I see. Emotion: smile Bay-oh-woolf. Nice.Emotion: stick out tongue

Thank you, Lil' Ruby Rose.


In the English literature I've read, the word 'Beowulf' was pronounced as [bee-wulf].
I think it's like you are saying the words "bee" and "wolf" together. At least that was what my English Literature professor said =)
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I believe the word, being old English is in fact BAY o wulfv


In the original Danish, in which the poem was written, "eo" was a diphthong, much like our "th" or "ph," thus his name would properly be pronounced, "BAY-wulv," or, "BAY-wolf."

fold tealIn the original Danish

No: West Saxon dialect of Old English.

fold tealis name would properly be pronounced, "BAY-wulv," or, "BAY-wolf."

No: /ˈbeɪoʊwʊlf/ or [ˈbeːo̯ˌwulf]

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Thank you, sir; I stand corrected, and gratefully so.