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I attend a language course at the Linguatime school. It was really a good experience. I only can recommend it.
Hi there! As you had a great time during your stay at Elanguest, maybe you could share your experience and leave reviews regarding this language school at Edufind: http://www.edufind.com/malta/saint-julians/school/elanguest-language-school / Your review/s will help other students in choosing the best language school for them. Thanks!
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I'm thinking study at International House and would know more about the school. Could you tell me?
Hi, I studied at Gateway School of English for 2 months, location is very good, quiet area and not far from Spinola Bay in St Julians and the school residence is next to the school - I was living next to the school. You can have breakfast & lunch at the residence, rooms are nice and comfortable. Teachers are excellent, there were students from a lot of countries and they give a lot of attention to the students. I loved it there.

I guess you have already got enough answers, but I would like to recommend Maltalingua. I went there this year. The school is very fun and friendly. Also, the teachers are very good. Their website is http://www.maltalingua.com/

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Hi, I studied at International House Malta in summer 2015. It was a great experience. The teachers has not maltese accent. Also, the school is located near the beach and the city centre night life centre Emotion: dance (10 min. on foot for both). I stayed at the school`s student residence. It located in 5 minutes from the school, so, if you like to wake up as later as it possible, you`ll be glad! The language immersion was unforgettable for me. During the staying in Malta I started to speak fluent and made some new friends Emotion: wink Their site is https://www.ihmalta.com/
P.S. I enjoyed studiyng at the IH school because it is not like an conveyor. There is a small school with small groups in every class, so the individual approach is guaranteed.
Also, I enjoyed Malta too))
I had a great experience with AELS
http://aels-malta.com /
Their prices are very good and teachers are nice

I've heard many good things about BELS Language Schools and the staff there, it's in a good area too!

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