Hello everyone, I'm looking to find the best language school in Malta for summer time.can anybody suggest somewhere plz
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Definitely Elanguest http://www.elanguest.com . I've been there and they were great to me, i recommended it a few times to friends. I was staying in st.julians, i had a great time!

I think Elanguest has a great location and is much better than the other schools and the school is very modern and very good teachers.

I had a very good experience.

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It depends on what you are looking for. Here you find a rating and review site with thousands of reviews about language schools in Malta: http://www.educationstars.com/usen/clientType/country2/2/191/1/39 /? Hope that helps. That is an open platform and all can rate their schools but have to proof that they are real clients and no fakes. 2011 Britannia College was voted by students as best school in Malta. You will find a ranking list. In 2012 Britannia College, EC Malta and ESE European School of English are on the position 1, 2 and 3. You fill find about 50 language schools in Malta, so it makes sense to compare quality with reviews and ratings but also with prices and dates.
If this for adults or for juniors/teens. For teens you should check out these guys - www.crockfords-sprachreisen.de - they mainly cater for the German market but also other i think
Hey ferdaly,

Here is a great list of English schools in Malta. Some of the schools have been reviewed by students to help you compare schools easier:

English Schools in Malta

Hope this helped!

Erin Bunting
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I studied in Elanguest for 3 months. I think it is the best english school in Malta!
At one time, Elanguest were offering a discount to EF members. I don't know if they still are, but it's worth asking.

I just come back to Malta.
i've been 4 months in one school calls International House.
It's a nice school, small with not so much students, if you want i can give you more information (maybe some discount too).
can you send me an email at : Email Removed

Best regards,
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