What do you think is the best live Linux distro?
I have only tried a few, so far.
Puppy is GREAT, but froze my PIII whenever I used network much. DSL (Damn Small Linux) is also great, but did the same thing to that PIII. AMD64 machine had no problems.

Are there any distros that support Nvidia cards automatically?

Anyway, even if you don't have answers to those questions, please tell us what you think about LIVE Linux distributions, and liveBSD - or ANY 'live CD' operating.systems for that matter.

Oh, the nicest thing about DSL is that I didn't have to do a thing to configure the network. It connected right off the CD! Amazing!

I also forgot to mention that Noppix worked really well, with almost auto networking, on the AMD machine, but I wasn't able to get networked on the PIII (probably my fault).

Do you have a favourite?
Sorry, but before I forget;

Printers seem to be a bit of a problem for many distros. Are any good at automatically detecting printers?