Dear ladies!

What brand of mascara do you consider best? The one which really doesn't crumble, doesn't leak under wind, and has a good applicator which doesn't stick eyelashes together? Are there any special parameters of mascara which different people prefer for their own reasons (say, like hardness is a parameter of tooth-brush)?

I am slightly embarrased to ask this kind of question.Emotion: embarrassed It's not a commercial poll, it's for personal purposes only. I mean... not for me, it's for my girlfriend. I've never had experience with things like make-up.

Emotion: embarrassed Emotion: wink
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Bubr dear, I'm a man, but I use mascara sometimes. When I look like your canary. I use Maybeline for men. But I 've never bought one. I always get it as a present.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
You shouldn't give secrets away. When is your birthday, Pieter? By the way how old are you, dear?
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I guess I'll mail a copy for you, pieter, if someone helps me to chooseEmotion: smile the product
Or a photocopy, at least Emotion: stick out tongue
hey bubr!! my fav. is Maybelline waterproof wondercurl mascara !
Hi Deepa! Glad you are here again.
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thanks bubr! nice to see you too! so whats your plan for your valentine?? a mascara ?? please dont say that ! girls dont get impressed by that i tell you!
Wow everybody has plans for their valentine but me! I definitely need some make up. I am going to get some!!!
I am glad that's an international oppinion. Mascara is an evereday routine. I've got something in my sleeve for ValentineEmotion: wink
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