What do you think is the best piece of music EVER?

I think it has got to be the second movement of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 in E flat major, Op. 73' (thanks for helping with the correct title, Orpheus)


I know my naming of the piece is not entirely accurate. Would someone more knowledgeable than me please advise the exact name of this piece, please?

Please enjoy what is believed to be Beethoven's last piano work before he died. It is sublime!
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I'm partial to the Brahms second, but the Emperor ain't bad. Are we limited to piano concerti here?
How about James Taylor's Fire And Rain, or the Bartok Concerto For Orchestra or Jerome Kern's Smoke Gets In Your Eyes? - Steven Sondheim's Send in the Clowns? (How can you pick one?)
My favorite Beethoven is one of the middle quartets (the first Rasumovsky - Op. 59, #1). How can I leave out the Toccata and Fugue in D minor (Bach)? And the Copland 3rd is very special to me, not to mention the Mahler 1st. - impossible task! Some like to say "The Art of the Fugue" is the greatest work, though not completed (Die Kunst der Fuge - Bach).
Please... there are absolutely no limitations!
Please post them all!!!
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I appreciate the classical music, but here i ve seen a solo music that is really impressive.

The reed flute is someting that touches the hearts.
You bet, and those downglides are fabulous!
bolahenk The reed flute is someting that touches the hearts.
Out of curiosity, does the term "reed" apply to the material from which the body of the instrument is made, or to the method of producing the vibration, as with the mouthpieces of traditional "western" instruments?

The tone has a purity similar to western flutes, distinct from western "reed" instruments, like oboe, sax, bassoon, etc.
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The name of the flute is actually "ney" or "nay". It is also known as "the reed flute" which refers to the main material it is made. The mouthpiece is only used in its Turkish types. The Persian reed flute doesnt include the mouthpiece.

It is known that the ney is an instrument which sounds most like "human" sound.
Many thanks, bolahenk. I'm assuming then that one searches for a hollow reed in nature which has the desired diameter and bore, rather than mechanically boring out a solid piece of wood, as one might do with a clarinet or "western" "recorder."
It is absolutely impossible to define the best music ever made, or the best song ever. Every kind of music conveys a range of different emotions to different people in different situations, so you can't define musical beauty, for the same reason you can't always say whether a paining is better than another one.
There are definitely some characteristics you can consider when you want to judge a song in terms of its "quality" (technique, lyrics, instruments, originality, etc.). I think I could give at least 100 examples right away of songs that I would associate with extreme high quality. I am going to give you just two examples, a classic one (not complete) and a curious one (a piano cover). Enjoy.


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