Tupac Shakur, hands down. No one even compares. It's impossible to argue that although many people try. All the current rap artists out there pretty much suck, and as cliche as it is I will say that Eminem is a phenomenal LYRICIST. Ying Yang Twins, Dem Franchise Boyz, god they are absolutely horrible. Eminem, Tech N9ne, Twista, Atmosphere are the only real good rap artists out there today and they don't come even remotely close to Tupac's rapping ability.

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Top ten Rappers :
1. 2pac
2. Biggie smalls
3. Nas-
4. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
5.Dr. dre
6. Eminem ( old songs)
7.Kanye West
8. The Game
9. Fat Joe
akon doesn't rap.
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hell naw akon n fat joe and kanya are weak as hell jayz lil wayne are way harder
jesus new eminem music sux ass how can even like him. ne way snoop dawg ying yang twins ludacris and 50 cent r the rlly only good rappers today. 2pac was the best tho
how do you have a best of all time without mentioning rakim? damn thats terrible!

1. tupac

2 nas

3 rakim

4 biggie

5 jay z

and people to mention would be eminem's old shit.. prodigy of mobb deep.. andre from outkast.. AZ.. and anyone from wu tang.. i cant beleive i went to a best rapper ever page and the ying yang twins were even mentioned... terrible!!!!
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Tupac and thats's point blank!!!!! Until the end of time, Hail Mary, Brenda had a Baby, Changes and so on forever!!!!!

after lightyears of travel we see these artists...........

Nas, the best rapper alive!!! Hate me now, One Mic, Undying Love, Every Ghetto and so on!!!

Immortal Technique!!! You never know, Caught in the hustle, Dance with the Devel, Point of no return and so on!!!

Styles P.!!! Go ahead, Fuck you, Shoot outs, I'm a Ruff Ryder and so on!!!! (I'ma speak on him cuz most won't agree but he's one of the best ever, wayyy too underrated check out his cd "Gangsta and a Gentleman" then "We are the Streets" The hardest period plus the deepness drowns you!!!!

Eminem!!! The way I am, Soldier, Kim, No apologies!!!

That's my top 5 and I'ma lyricist myself and i study hiphop so that's it ya'll disagree that's an opinion THIS IS FACT!!! The ones that think i left out old school rapper yea i feel you but compare their lyrics to these cats now maybe in 10 years i won't mention these rappers in my top 20 because Mc's like me tear it up. Buttttttttttttt Pac will be the greatest forever he had it all and did it the best. Watch out for me tho "M.P." from "The Anonymous Gang" 1
Akon? Are you serious? Well this list isn't in a order. This is who I think is real...


Lil Wyane


Young Dro



Bun B



Busta Rhymes




Kanye West


The Game

Paul Wall


Slim Thug


Papoosse(how ever you spell it)

Chalie Boy
LMFAO 'Eminem, Tech N9ne, Twista, Atmosphere are the only real good rap artists out there today'

Do you listen to hip hop/rap. Immortal Technique, Murs, Jedi Mind Tricks, Copywrite, Akir, Diabolic, Esham, X Raided, Big L, Big Pun, Notorious Big, Common, Nas, Jay Z, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Royce Da 5'9 and Rakim are all damn good rappers and most are still rapping today. My personal opinion is that Immortal Technique is the best rapper ever, 'Dance With The Devil', 'You Never Know', 'Industrial Revolution' and 'Freedom of Speach' are just a few Tech songs to name and they are all better than any Tupac song. Infact 'Dance With The Devil' alone is better than anything Pac did in his entire career. Having said that Pac is probably better than the rest I named, although Biggie comes close.
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