i definetly think the best rapper of all time is tupac....i mean his writing style,of course u know he doesnt use punch lines and still he f&*ken dominated the rap game and still does comiong out with the cd s hes still coming out with....i eman u know that loyal to the game didnt really sound like tupac excepts for his rapping but the beats were totally off the scale bad for his style..eminem should just quit rapping cause now hes trash his new shit is just wack cause he just fools around to much and just talks about his life when hes rich as hell....umhhhhh but i hope his new one is good ....but enough about that yeah tupac is the best rapper of all time i mean just listen to his music he doesnt just rap he makes poetry....and he keeps it fucken real as hell he raps about his lifestyle and his struggle as a coming up rapper and about just his struggle as a kid...just listen to some of his songs thatll make u cry..


my block

ghetto gospel

dear mama

and a bunch of otha shyt.....but for reall no doubt about it hes the best rapper of all time noone can take his place....but id like tos how u some of the best upcoming rappers and some dead ones...

big pun of course cause he keeps it real and his lyrics are crazy

big l cause he keeps it real and his punch lines are just nuts

nas his lyrics are like no otha rapper alive

kanye west cause i like his style

immortal techniques his lyrics may be a lil crazy but u know hes really good

talib kweli umhh hes good and his lyrics are really spiritual

eminems only his old shyt was good

bone thugz they keep it real and they have a crazy ass style

t.i he pretty good his styled and some lyrics are the only good thing but havnt heard that great of punchlines

and a bunch of otha guyz out there
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
here my list

1 eminem- i like eminem cause he bust a rhyme hard but he aslo busts it smart he knows how to adress the situation just right and in any way. he speaks the truth thats why he the best rapper of all time. his beats are good but his lyrics is what make him the best

2 tupac- he overrated just a lil bit like 50 cent but he a still a better rapper than 50 he can spit a rhyme in many different ways

he can spit soft and still bomb on his enemy's

3 The game- proved he could bust when he dropped 300 bars he can spit to many different beats in many different ways. he put the west coast back on the map. and im glad he not in g unit any more he too good for them fake ass punks g unit sucks. if he keeps up he could come in for the # 1 or 2 spot. but it would be hard for him to go up against eminem.

4 paul wall- has good beats in his songs like sittin sidewayz and still tippin him and mike jones are close but i like paul wall cause he dosent say the same shit over and over

5 mike jones- would be better if he didnt say his name so much. but his beats are the best in the game

6 warren g- he just good he has good beat and good lyrics g funk era is his best album regulate is his best song.

7 Ti- is good cause he from the south and he'll blow ya off the map asap his songs have good beat and his lyrics are good as well

8 lil wyte- he is white but he can bust good in the song i sho will he proves that and if he stays with the six he'll only get better he has good lyrics

9 three six mafia- they drop a good southern beat and they spit good rhymes most of the time

10 bone thugs- the spit so fast not many people can keep up with them they spit there own style and i like it
let it be clear... the best rapper is Nasir Jones/NaS...1. Nas dowload the next shit to find out why: the cross, masterminds, warrior song, bridging the gap, ain't hard to tell (remix), hate me now, one mic, i can, made you look, one love (remix) the word is yours (remix), the message, represent, on the real, ether (Jay-Z was blown away because of that diss), Oochie wally, revolutionary warfare and many other great songs. nas' flow rules, his lyrics are fast and inspiring... the only reason that nas isn't seen bij all as the best rapper. is because he wouldn't make club bangers cuz that's just not his style

2. Dre

3. Eminem

4. Pac

5. The Game

6. Biggie Smalls.

7. Jay-Z

8. Snoop. (his succeses can not go unnoticed, allthough I don't like his music)

9. 50 cent

10. Kanye West (he's new as a solo rapper but I think he's gonna be great since he dropped late registration, as a producer he deffenetly is Emotion: zip it2 (1. dre, 2. kanye 3. the Neptunes))
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eminem should just quit rapping cause now hes trash his new *** is just wack cause he just fools around to much and just talks about his life when hes rich as hell

Iam no fan of eminem but tupac was rich as hell to......Tupac was good for one reason he was a concious rapper which is somthing you dont see today. But the best? Hell no hes the best in catergory of concious rapper but best of all time? Naw hes overrated the best rapper of all time overall is KRS-ONE. The best lyricicist Big L. The best freestyler Super Nat. Best concious rapper Pac or Bone Thugs tough choice but overall rappers it would go

2) Big L
3) Biggie
4) Pun
5) Rakim
6) Pac
7) A.G
8) Eric B
9) Show Biz
10) Lord Fineese
Underground rap for life....Commercial rap sucks the big one, its only good for dancing not listening to...They have no vocabulary and everyone knows it
Anonymous... its only good for dancing ...

Hmmm ... I'm not so sure. I always wind down with a sore head!
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Heres my top 10

1. tupac


3.8 ball and mjg

4. david banner


6.trick daddy ( spoke the truth on the song thug holliday)

7.lil wayne

8.ice cube



a lot of people would say i missed a lot of people like rakim or notorious b.i.g. but im from tha GA land of tha slaves i don't understand that n.y. stuff im too country for that so i would rather listen to david banner or something so let it be as that.
Black thought, talib kweli, common, mos def.... gods of hip hop.
Here is my list:

1. Nas

2. T-Rock

3. Tupac

4. Three Six Mafia ( Juicy J and Dj Paul)

5. T.I.

6. Lil Flip

7. Notorius BIG

8. Eminem

9. Jay-Z

10. Geto Boyz
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