Dear teachers and friends,

Here is my situation. I have important interview in a couple of days and I have to prepare for it. Last year, I had new job and I really like that job. Unfortunately, bad things happened which is out of our control. The company got some financial problems and they fail to pay our salary in a few months. Due to that reason, I decide to send my resume and finally this year, I manage to get a new job.

Again, bad things happened. The work environment here is not as expected. The job scope is out of expertise, I was given unrelated job, didn’t get enough resource to do a job such as didn’t have notebook and Internet access. Simple to say, everything is wrong and boring. I also didn’t have a chance to learn and do the things I like.

Based on that reasons, I decide to submit my resume again. I really wanted this job and I like the job scope. But I’m very sure about one thing. They going to ask me

“I saw some pattern pertaining to your job history. Last year you got a new job and this year you got another job. And today, you’re looking for another job again. Can you tell me why this happened? And are you gonna stay here for a long time?”

Here is my draft to answer for that question.

“Last year, I being offered as a Consultant and I really like that job. The job scope, environment, I had a chance to learn a new things, the things that I like most in this career. I never plan to leave while I worked with this company. Unfortunately, bad things happened which is out of our control. The company got some financial problems and they fail to pay our salary for a couple of months. Due to that reasons, I decide to looking for another job and finally I got this job as a Auditor.

But again, I didn’t get the things that was being promised while they interview me. I got not resource to do the job, no internet access, no notebook, and doesn’t have a chance to improve myself in technical. I have good technical background and suddenly I have to do the things that doesn’t related to my job.

I’m very sure with your esteemed established company with a lot of technical expertise there, I’m more than happy working with them. I’m sure that I can improve and enhance myself especially in technical expertise and hopefully it can help your company in research and development”

How about that? And then before I leave from the interview session, can I say this

“I appreciate the time you took in discussing this opportunity with me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you further. Thanks”

Is it the best way to end up the interview session? Or any better idea so I can get a new job and start a new life.

Your advice and comment would be very much appreciated.

Thanks and best regards,

What do you do and would u like to get a new job?

I think the general economic environment is not better than last year.Every one want to find a good job or opportunity which is suitable to,too

This is China and I am charge of quality department in a local factory
I think you can discuss your situation with your boss before your resignation firstly. you said you don't get enough resoureces for your work. why don't you dicuss with the boss. if you really want to find a job, I suggest make clear some questions about career. what industry is first choice? what postiont is suitable for you. of course you need to consider the company site. If you are not live in china, maybe china is a choice. Now, there many opportunities in china.
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I have been working for the same employer for 15 and a hafl years in the semiconductor field for the past 20 years of my career. You can say It’s the same job but in higher capacity. I have seen the worse and the better days in this business. I’d like to share a little bit of my experience with you. Personally, I feel that we have to constantly evaluate how much we are worth to the company and learn new skills to reatin our worth, and if the company can easily replace you for less. The best time to look for a job is when you don’t need one desperately. In other words, don’t wait till you have lost you job or about to get laid off to look for a job you want or need. You are likely to get a better leverage and have more bargining power with the propsective empolyer when you are employed. Always prepare your interview even when you know you got the right stuff they are looking for. Getting tongue- tied and nervous at the interview are not going to add points to the total score. A good interviewer looks for someone with confidence and eagerness to perform. Attitude is everything ,at least to me when I was doing the interviewing. During difficult time, competitions put the job seekers in the disadvantage, and so many settle for anything available only to end up looking for another job. I think looking for a job in other countries may be tougher as many culturals have their inside connections to good jobs.

Of course, the best way to end an interview is to get that job! I don’t think there is much we can say to add to our chances of landing that job. After the interview, everything is pretty much on the interviewer

If it’s a correspondance in e-mail, I persionally would say:

In letter: I appreicate your time with my resume and I hope you have found my qualifications matching the job requirments. I am looking forward eagerly to hearing from you