Faith - George Michael
It must have been love - Roxette
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna
Rain - Madonna
Im like a bird - Nelly Furtado
Hello - Lionel Richie
Why are you so beautiful - Rene Forger
Last christmas - Goerge Michael
Thank you - Dido
White Flag - Dido
Dont know why - Norah Jones

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good list
I want to break free. Queen.
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- Everything by Jon Anderson w/ Vangelis and J. Anderson w/ Kitaro.
- Many of the songs by Emerson, Lake and Palmer (I'd love to hear Karl Palmer on the phone! lol), such as "C'est la vie", "Nobody loves you like I do", "Burning bridges" and "Farewell to arms"
- Pink Floyd's "Time".
- Supertramp's "Hide in your shell".
Hey, you're like me!!! Have you listened to the soundtrack for Bladerunner - I just love that. Generally, I love singers & songwriters from the 1970s. There's a neat boxed set from Time called something like that. It's not too expensive.
Do me a favour its best tunes mate, not the worst. It must have been #### ,two Dido.
One mans muscs another mans noise
Well thank christ im not your neighbour
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Dj Cammy : Take me to the ocean

Dizzee Rascal : Creeper

U2 :Beautiful Day

DHT : Listen to your heart

Corinne Bailey Rae : Put your records on
they aint the best tunes i will tell u the best tunes in T pain im sprung that is a tune xx shaunnaxx Emotion: wink
Summer of '69...and We're in heaven. Both of Bryan Adams...

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