Which is a more proper word to use, unsincere or insincere? For example, I would not want someone to think i was being unsincere/insincere with my intentions.
Hi! It's not a matter of being better, it's about being correct and incorrect. Insincere is the word you're looking for, unsincere is not a word.
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hi anon,
Did you check unsincere in the dictionary? I looked it up in Webster's and freedictionary.com and they both say that the usage is obsolete, which means that unsincere was once used but is not accepted now because insincere has taken its place.

If you say, "I don't want you to think that my intentions are insincere.", they will understand that you mean you are being truthful. If you said unsincere, they would also understand, but they would probably wonder why you used that word instead of the usual one.

I am trying to think of another word like insincere that could be spelled with un-- rather than in-- but so far i haven't found one. Maybe you could come up with a similar word where the prefix, in conveys the same meaning as un. That's a good word puzzle!

Insecure and unsecure

It's a word now!

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