Hi all,

Its really very nice to talk about the creation of GOD for we are thinking GOD often(Praise be to him).

What do you people think about the scientific discoveries of the universe in the current century?

Does GOD want this to be done?

Is it right to go beyond the planet what GOD has given us?

Hi King Robin,

I can't think of any reason that God wouldn't want us to explore, understand, and appreciate all of creation.

(p.s. - I also don't think God gave us this planet - we're more like the stewards or caretakers, and we're not doing a very good job!)

I too often think that whether we are doing the right one regarding the space exploration........But if it is not the wish of GOD, then why should he(GOD) help the humans to do that........Beacuse without GOD's grace it is not possible to achieve this...