The official warnings about bird flu have been growing scarier in the past few days. In a speech last Sunday, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt advised folks to stock up on tuna fish and powdered milk in case the bird flu virus mutates into a form that could easily infect people. Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns recently told reporters, "It would be almost biblical to think we would be protected." Then there was Robert Webster, the noted flu virologist from St. Jude Children's Research Center, who said on national television Tuesday night that he had a three-month supply of food and water in his house in case bird flu becomes a serious human pandemic.

What's the meaning of "It would be almost biblical to think"?

Thank you in advance!
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I think M Mike Johanns believes to God. He considers that they were protected by God as miracles in Bible, It would be almost biblical to think means Like in Bible, everybody is infected with this form bird flu but we are not. It's miraculous!

Phuong Ninh
He probably means, that to think we are protected, you would need a belief as strong as taught in the bible.

However, I find that metaphor does not fit very well here, but the consequences of such a pandemic could have biblical dimensions (referring to the Plagues of Egypt). Maybe Johanns stumbled a little bit about what he wanted to say and biblical came to mind.

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The bird flu have been growing so scarier that even the officials cannot find a good way to solve this problem. Maybe a Biblical belief can calm the panicky people, and give all of us the hope that it will be better tomorrow. Emotion: smile

If everybody have a strong belief in their mind, the bird flu will pass by soon.

P.S. If there are some mistakes in my post, pls feel free to point out . Thank you in advance.
It's easy to be protected - just don't eat chicken.

Simple, it isn't?
I don't think so . We can get from the context that bird flu may mutates into a form that could easily infect people. Stop eatting the chicken is not enough. We should not eat all the birds, take care of both people and animals all around us, keep a clean and dry environment...... Do as many as we can to prevent the spread of virus. Emotion: smile
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MatressIt's easy to be protected - just don't eat chicken. Simple, it isn't?
Hello Matress,
no, you are absolutely wrong! The transmission by eating or preparing food can be avoided pretty easily, so far you are more or less right (primary infections), even if one should be aware of the possibility that pets like cats and dogs might infect themselves when touching wild birds and bring the desease into households. Also, there are a lot of health and vetinary professionals that come into contact with the virus. This might lead to step 2:

The main risk is that the virus accepts the human body as new host and man-to-man infections become possible. If that should be the case in the future, the desease would spread as easily as the flu -- that is very fast and without barriers of food preferences or hygienic awareness. This is what could lead to a epidemic with a hugh death toll.

However, since infected birds die very fast, the risk of purchasing infected chicken is pretty low. As for mow, there appears to be no sense in avoiding chicken as food.

"It would be almost biblical to think we would be protected."

I think it's virtually impossible to know exactly, or even roughly, what is meant by that statement.
"It would be almost biblical to think we would be protected."

I would read "biblical to think" in the context above as "superstitious to think". Don't you all think that this interpretation of the phrase would suit the caution which the speaker is recommending?
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