"Dango is a negotiation among bidders for a Japanese public-works contract
in which it is decided which firm will get the job. The designated firm submits a
high bid and its "rivals" bid still higher, maintaining the illusion of competition."(http://faculty-gsb.stanford.edu/mcmillan/personal_page/documents/Dango%20Japans%20Price-Fixing%20... ' )
1. Could you figure out what it is if you hear the
term 'bid-rigging'?
2. Could you figure out what it is if you hear the Japanese
term 'dango'?
Thank you.
Hi anon,

I don't see bid rigging in the quote.

Looked it up on google. Sounds like bid rigging is a standard term. Not sure what dango is.

Perhaps you'd like to give us a little more context?
Bid rigging sounds like manipulating the bidding procedure. Dango should be some clandestine agreement among bidders, where they decide in advance who the winner will be and the other candidates do not offer higher prices.