In this sentence what means "Big"?

we're not big on travel.
'To be not big on something/someone' is an expression used to show a lack of knowledge about something or to show someone doesn't like something (depending on context).
Thank you very much, but in this part one person ask his friend to travel to another continent (almost 6000 miles distance) and his said no we cant have this travel and we are not big on travel
What do you think?
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Hi Ario Emotion: smile
For some reason the friend is uncomfortable with travelling such a long way. He may have a practical reason like it will take a long time ... or he thinks they won't enjoy it. Also, he might just be making an excuse because there's another problem (in their relationship?) that he doesn't want to tell the truth about.
aha i get it thank you
"We're not big on politics" would be the same as "we're not interested in politics",
And so "big on" would be the same as "into"
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