please tell me what does "BIG FISH LITTLE FISH CARDBOARD BOX" mean??? When is this expression used?


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Hey Martin,

I never heard of it before, so I googled the expression. I think it is just a dance thing. Seems to remind me of the Macarena craze.

You can look [url="http://www.virtualtourist.com/vt/696/1 /"]here to get more information[/url].

It is a jokey term about the type of dancing that used to happen at raves.

Big fish, little fish means you hold your hands out in front of you as though you were a fisherman demonstrating the size of a fish. Big fish (hands far apart) little fish (hands closer together). Cardboard box is then moving your hands to a position as though you were supporting a box underneath with one hand, and had another hand on its lid.

These movements are completed abruptly and jerkily.
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Hey!! do any of you lot know who sings the 'Big fish, Little fish, Cardboard box song? Cos i heard it when i was on holiday a while back, and i hav been trying 2 get it since, and i was wondering who sings it??
Pleassssssssssssssssssssssse let me know!!!!!
it is not an expression its a song
I heard that song too on holiday it rocks, i MUST find it...

[8] Big fish little fish,

Big fish little fish,

Big fish little fish,


[8] Stack the shelves, shopping trolley,

Stack the shelves, shopping trolley,

Stack the shelves, shopping trolley,

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I heard that song on holiday too and i've been trying find it, hence why i'm here. Anyone know who sings it????????

It's definitely a dance move, I've used it many times myself Emotion: smile
No idea it was a song as well, have to find it sometime.
Big Fish, Little Fish (Cardboard Box!) is sung by "Rik and Nik" apparently. http://www.mediamusicuk.com/rikandnik / This is their site. I can't find the song for the life of me though.
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