HI all,

back from holidays... :-)

I reckon you all know the game 'Bingo'
In the game, everyone has a playing card with some numbers on it. Which word do you use when you want to say that you have crossed all the numbers?

Your playing card is full? completely filled? You have crossed all the numbers?

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IE full house
Hello Vince

Some people shout out 'Bingo!'; but 'House!' is more usual in gaming establishments.

Or so I understand.

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I checked some Bingo sites on Google; some say "complete the grid", others "fill the numbers". Here's one example: http://tntn.essortment.com/bingorules_rtnn.htm You could try and research yourself? Emotion: smile
I have to say, Vince, if you waste time telling someone that you've crossed out all the numbers, you're going to lose that WONDERFUL WEEKEND FOR TWO IN TUSCANY!!

Carpe diem. Shout out 'House!' Grab that prize. Or someone will jump in before you.

Thank you :-)

The replies have been very useful ;-)
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Oh... I just lost my week-end in Tuscany for that little blue-rinsed lady... If only I had said "House!"...
Let no one say I didn't give fair warning.

[told-you-so emoticon]