What's represented below?

M + M + M + M + M.. Family

GooD LucK!
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huh? stumped for the nonce...

However, here goes -

a) A very nervous guy trying to introduce his girlfriend to his family - "M..m..m.. m.. my family".

No offence meant to those who tend to stammer. Please don't get mad.

b) All male family.

Other stuff, but nothing exactly decent. Ah well, I know I just wrote a load of rubbish.

Back again tomorrow,

- Joy
keep guessing.. Emotion: smile
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Hi Dj

Nice one ha ha i think i have this one. Emotion: big smile

A little clue perhaps for Joy

Think of Morticia, Gomez, Uncle Fester, Lurch etc....... Emotion: wink
Heheh..I think your clue is not little at all How about mine? -->> Emotion: big smile dırınırım..dıt dıt..dırınırım..dıt dıt..dırınırım dırınırım dırınırım..dıt dıt...[8]
Or let's say cute "cousin Itt" Emotion: big smile
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Or what about first man! Emotion: big smile
Emotion: big smile By the way I love their games as well..
Okay, you've given me the answer...good job Ear!

Sorry, but I gave up watching cartoons about six years ago, and the ADAMS FAMILY was never one of my favourites.

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