According to a report in the Hindustan Times, match referee Alan Hurst has given the harshest possible assessment of the Kotla pitch, branding it 'unfit'. This means that the Kotla will now be banned as an international venue for a period ranging from 12-24 months.
There are 6 types of classification for a pitch - very good, good, above average, below average, poor and unfit. The BCCI were hoping for a 'poor' tag, since that would have meant only a fine, but with the 'unfit' tag, the ban looms large.
The BCCI has received a notice classifying the pitch as 'unfit' and has been given 14 days to respond. The BCCI's response, along with the match referee's report, video footage of the abandoned game and other significant documents will be reviewed by the ICC's chief referee Ranjan Madugalle and its cricket operations manager Dave Richardson, who will decide on the punishment.
Hurst's report, quoted in the paper, paints a bleak picture for the BCCI and the DDCA.

Could you please explain to me the emboldened parts?
I hope you looked up bleak?

•Cambridge Dictionary online:

If a situation is bleak, there is little or no hope for the future

The economic outlook is bleak.

A bleak picture is a metaphorical way to express this in a more interesting way - and it's a bit less judgemental than saying outright that the club's future looks bleak, as this is only the paper's speculation. I wouldn't say it's a very common metaphor, but it is a standard one - it could be paint a happy/bleak/profitable/pretty much any adjective picture - meaning 'gives a strong impression of'
Of course, I first looked up bleak in the dictionary, but the meaning seemed unfit to the context so I asked here. Anyway, it seems I'm struggling to understand figurative and metaphorical use of any words.

Thanks for your explanation, Nona the Brit. Now I got it.