Is the adjective 'bleary' used only when talking about eyes? I have seen a 'bleary face' somewhere but I'm not sure if such usage is correct.

Thanks in advance.
It is most frequently used to describe eyes, but here are some other examples from the American Corpus:

It happened on a bleary, wintry morning.
" Medic, medic, " he whispered, and then grinned in a bleary way.
At three in the morning she let herself into her apartment. She was safe--too bleary and exhausted to dream or miss a small piece of jade.
... the Kendall Square subway stop, where bleary students loitered over gossip and cigarettes..
...laborers and tradesmen whose day began before dawn. In the bleary half light, the baker's boy hurried past shuttered inns..
A little bleary with gin, she rolled a sloppy joint.
The House had been in session continuously for over two days and a bleary quorum was ready for the final vote
Thanks a lot, such a broad usage!