"In Chicago, the great depth of the standard block forced deep, narrow bulding lots and back alleys."

1. What is "the standard block?"

2. What does the author mean with the verb "forced"?

3. What is the difference between (the standard) block and (building) lot(s)?

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block: the distance from a street to another
building lot: the ground area used for a construction

5. street section: the section of a street between two parallel streets
(missing image) (missing image) The post office is in the middle of the next block.

We use the word 'block' in two senses.

1. I walked for a block. This refers to the width or 'street edge' of a block.

2. I own a city block. This refers to a piece of land, often rectangular, and any buildings on it. In other words, there is both width and length in two dimensions.

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